Emilio Ciavarella

Commercial Sales Agent


With 10 years of travelling the world with international sales companies, Emilio moved to Sydney for 4 years as a Commercial business finance broker. Once he mastered that industry he decided to move back to his home city the Gold Coast to pursue his dream to be a Commercial real estate agent.

This was a perfect fit for Emilio to transition into the commercial real estate space. His core values are true customer service as a result of this he has thrived as a salesman for over 17 years.

His immense finance knowledge and capability to assemble complex deals for a wide range of small, medium to large businesses is second to none.  His solid communication skill set allowed him to thrive in the Business finance space and allowed him to have a strong and delighted client base.

Hard-working, trusted, understanding and straight to the point. Emilio knows how to get the best outcome for his clientele. His professionalism allows him to work alongside other agents and teams to achieve the best client outcome.

Emilio's personalized formation of deals and financing expertise has helped a wide array of businesses.




Storage facility owners

Retail shops

Petrol stations



The list goes on but it's safe to say Emilio is a one-stop shop to help sell or buy Commercial real estate.