Nathan Huxham

Commercial Sales Agent

Nathan Huxham is a licensed commercial sales agent at Ray White Burleigh Group and stands out in the bustling real estate landscape.

With a focus on Caravan & Holiday Parks as well as development site acquisitions and sales along the East Coast of Australia, Nathan brings a unique blend of expertise and warmth to his role.

With a rich background spanning over 26 years as an internationally renowned chef, Nathan's journey was forged with culinary partnerships, catering for celebrities, and globetrotting adventures, from cooking on a Guatemalan volcano to serving the uber-wealthy on Mediterranean superyachts.

In 2012, Nathan diversified into property ownership, securing his first two properties simultaneously, and later expanding into commercial assets. His venture into property development, aided by a bespoke feasibility software, allowed him to analyze potential development sites with precision.

Transitioning to Commercial Real Estate in 2022, Nathan quickly made a mark. His innate ability to build relationships and effective communication, coupled with contagious positivity, quickly set him apart from other agents in this space. For Nathan, success is built on solid relationships, integrity, and a commitment to delivering promises.

Nathan's achievements are a testament to his relentless work ethic. He gravitated toward large-scale development sites, caravan parks, and land subdivisions, challenging the norm. Notably, he sold an "unsellable" block in northern NSW, orchestrated a successful EOI campaign for Fraser Lakes Golf Club, and achieved a new national sales record for properties in the caravan & holiday park asset class with the sale of the North Star Holiday Resort in December 2023.

Nathan's passion for fostering solid relationships, staying true to his word, and always delivering, forms the cornerstone of his approach. He values the impact of a genuine smile, understanding its significance in building trust and rapport.

When it comes to representing commercial assets, Nathan and the team at Ray White Commercial Burleigh Group are committed to achieving optimal results and client satisfaction every time!